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Are you ready for a total body training program like nothing you've ever seen? Then join us in Morristown today for John Hansen's cutting-edge Cross Kickboxing classes. 

Cross Kickboxing redefines what group training should be by offering a complete and balanced strength and conditioning protocol where Kickboxing and Strength Training are combined into one amazing workout.

And the best part is, these classes are perfect for all abilities!

Kickboxing Morristown

Cross Kickboxing Isn't Just Your Typical Group Fitness Class

That's right, we've changed the way you think about Group Fitness training. That's because our goal isn't just to wear you out. We're here to truly help you get stronger, healthier, and better prepared to enjoy success in the long run.

By combining all the best elements of the many fitness programs out there, our Cross Kickboxing Classes enable you to see the best results in no time.

You'll quickly: 

  • Build lean muscles
  • Shred unwanted fat
  • Tone your entire body
  • And boost your confidence like never before


PLUS With Cross Kickboxing, You'll Still Enjoy All The Support And Motivation Of Group Training 

Sure, you won't have to deal with wasted movements and cookie cutter workouts. But you will enjoy all the high-energy motivation that you've come to expect with many Group Fitness Classes.

Cross Kickboxing helps you move your body like never before with exercises that are backed by more than 30 years of experience and some of the best trainers on the planet. 

From day one in our Cross Kickboxing Classes, you'll enjoy:

  • Constant feedback and support from your trainers and classmates
  • An easy to follow program that produces real results
  • Unwavering motivation to come back week after week

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