• Kate K. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    I absolutely love this place!  The classes are small and intimate and I love that the Tuesday and Thursday night sessions are for ladies only.  I leave every class feeling accomplished, empowered... and sweaty. Clarissa- who teaches the ladies classes is motivating and knows her stuff. She is well organized, keeps the class moving, and - as a fighter herself- she will correct your form or give you tips for taking your game to the next level. This training gym is a hidden gem in Morristown. I've made friendships through it and have noticed a difference in my fitness overall.

    Kate K.
  • Joel Meer, MD, Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    John Hansen is a master at his craft. And as a true master, he is never satisfied, attending seminars and training with other top professionals, exchanging ideas and further honing his unique program of integrated training. Combining elements of cardio, strength training, balance and agility, yoga and physical therapy, John has developed an ever-evolving fusion of American and International methods, with an extreme attention to detail. All this is delivered with uncommon humbleness and honesty.

    I have been with John for 6 years. Prior to that, I never trained for more than a few weeks at a time, and mostly with mediocre trainers. I am a busy professional, and time is at a premium. For 30 years I have dreamed of finding the perfect combination of cardio and strength training in a minimal amount of time, but I didn’t think such a thing existed. Then I met John and started at Nuform, a present from my wife for my 55th birthday. It was the best present I have ever received. Now, six years into training, with just three half-hour sessions a week, I see that I am aging more gracefully than 99% of my cohorts. I have never been in such good shape. I feel better than I did 15 years ago. Even though we recently moved from Morris County to Brooklyn, I continue to commute to my workout with John. I recognize a superior experience when I see it, and it’s something worth fighting for

    Joel Meer, MD
  • Audrey E. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    Just starting to get back in shape and some friends were raving about NuForm's kickboxing class so I decided to give it a try. I was very hesitant based on experiences I have had with gyms in the past. I was very pleasantly surprised- the ladies in the class were SO welcoming and supportive- it really feels like a nonjudgmental and fun place to work out- I actually look forward to going! Clarissa (instructor) is a great motivator who changes things up from class to class and makes it 'fun'. John (owner) is awesome- very 'real' and approachable- he listens to your goals, is respectful of your limits and seems to really care about the long-term success of the clients that work out at his gym. Really feel comfortable here and would highly recommend!

    Audrey E.
  • Rick M. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    NuForm has been a key part of my strategy to stay healthy for years. We train hard, but we train smart. Workouts are always different and its fun to work out with a great group of guys under the direction of one of the greatest trainers on the planet. For anyone in the area who is thinking about feeling better and stronger, this is a great choice!

    Rick M.
  • Kevin S. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    Joined this gym a year ago and have never once regretted that decision. The workouts are intense, but manageable for various levels of strength, fitness and athleticism due to the focused attention and customization from owner/instructor John. Workouts incorporate kettle bells, TRX, dumbbells, sleds, body weight and many other forms of equipment and are always varied which helps to keep things from getting boring/monotonous. The group of guys in class have become friends I look forward to seeing. It's not a gym that's concerned about seeing how much weight you can throw around, but instead focused on form, staying injury free, and keeping old age at bay.

    Kevin S.
  • Tom Coultas – CEO, One-Source Communications, Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    As the President and CEO of a successful communications/printing company, my days are full end to end, with little time left to pay attention to my body and the advancement of Father Time. Through a mutual friend, I was turned on to the revolutionary fitness concepts of Nuform Fitness owner and lead trainer John Hansen. When John initially promised to ‘turn back the clock’ for me, I was highly skeptical, but with my history of never having stuck to a fitness program for more than a month at a time, I figured I would give it a whirl. Fast forward eight years, now at 61, I am still an avid ‘Nuformer’—stronger, more agile and flexible than ever, with the highest energy level I’ve experienced since my twenties! Running a company such as mine can lead to grueling, stress filled days, but with the help of John Hansen and the Nuform Fitness system, everyday I am able to tackle the tough issues and problems facing my clients as well as continue bringing success to my company.

    Tom Coultas – CEO, One-Source Communications
  • Cydelle D. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    I recently started going to NuForm Fitness and couldn't be happier. The workouts with Clarissa are fun, intense and different each time so you never have to worry about getting bored with the same routine. I highly recommend NuFirm Fitness and give it five stars!

    Cydelle D.
  • Geoff Wooding, Director Creative Media & Print, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Retired), Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    As someone who has exercised my entire adult life, being mindful of fitness was always at the forefront for me. An avid runner for 40+ years, my supplementary weight training regimen consisted of the typical big box gym routine, waiting for machines to free up… bench pressing…. waiting…. bicep curls… waiting…and not getting the results I wanted. Yes, the running for the most part kept the weight off, but after all the years of pounding, my body started to break down on me. I then discovered Nuform Fitness in February 2009, and haven’t looked back. Because of the constant strain the running put on my body, I found myself later that year in the need of a hip replacement. With the aid of John Hansen, the owner of Nuform, we were able to ‘pre-hab’ my body, focusing on the areas that would bring me back post surgery the quickest and most efficiently. In the 7+ years I have been going to Nuform, I have had to have two subsequent hip replacements ( yeah I know, do the math!) , as well as a very recent L4/L5 spinal fusion—all the result of the trauma that the constant pounding of running wreaked on me. In all cases, the ‘pre-hab’ regimen that John put together enabled me to return to normalcy (and the gym!) in less and less time, surprising my surgeons, friends and family, but not me! As a 60 year old man, after 4 major surgeries in the past 7 years, I find myself in the best shape of my life, and at my high school weight!

    Geoff Wooding, Director Creative Media & Print, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Retired)
  • Wayne C. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    Always amazing and different workouts!! I would highly recommend coming to NuForm if you want to get stronger more flexible and lose some weight!!

    Wayne C.
  • Dan P. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    Best training on the East Coast. Strength conditioning and Muay Thai. Get off the couch and get into the best shape of your life

    Dan P.
  • Michael S. , Nuform Fitness Testimonials

    John Hansen is one of the finest instructors you will find. He is a true craftsman and never stops learning. I will train nowhere else.

    Michael S.


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